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@pickapicker We are all about work, accommodation and fun for travellers in New Zealand.

We provide you with the best links and deals so you can enjoy your Kiwi experience at ease.

About PickaPicker

@PickaPicker a idea is to make your New Zealand knowledge unique!


PickaPicker provides a best links and information to make your outing around New Zealand sparkling and rewarding. Since 2007 we have assisted over 5,000 anniversary workers from all latitudes to make a many out of their New Zealand operative holiday experience.

We listen to a customers, and during their ask we have stretched a services to support in other areas of anniversary work, from labouring, to hospitality, to computing YOU NAME IT!

If we are a kiwi business or if we are a anniversary employer we would adore to hear from you!

Our website is a ‘one stop’ place where those who are looking for proxy jobs & accommodation around New Zealand can hit hostels and employers charity accommodation or jobs.

Today PickaPicker provides travellers with a best links & recommendation to make their New Zealand exprience an beguiling one; by a website we can hit employers, accommodation providers, journey organizers and associate travellers!.

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    Posted on January 30, 2015

  • Dancer / dance teacher
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    • ~ Muchas gracias!!!! Thank you very much!!!

      pickapicker-manuel-testimonial"Gracias Pickapicker por el apoyo dado al momento de llegar a NZ...mi estadia en NZ se hizo más fácil ya que me ayudaron a encontrar trabajo muy rápido y lo que es mejor con muy buena gente. Demás está decir que siempre estaré agradecido por la ayuda....los aliento a que utilicen este medio para que su llegada a NZ sea más fácil...un gran abrazo.   I would like to thank to Pickapicker (Eduardo) for supporting me when I was in NZ. My staying over there was easier because of his help and I got a job in a few days and whats better I worked along very nice people^. I will always appreciate this helping hand...I encourage you to use this service when you get to NZ ...you will see everything will be much"

    • ~ Gracias PickaPicker

      pickapicker-testimonial-montoya"Muchas Gracias gracia spor la ayuda , nos guio mucho y el trabajo que con seguimos fue de lo mejor gracias pickapicker " Thank you PickaPicker for your help, your guidance and support to find jobs was great!"

    • ~ Thank you PickaPicker!

      Francisca"Visiting a different country can be a scary experience, however making good friends who guide you and help you can be a good way to find your way around. This was the case with the team @pickapicker who helped me and my friends to find several jobs around New Zealand. Just THANK YOU guys! and keep it"

    • ~ Touring NZ with PickaPicker

      Raul surfing in Hawkes Bay"The best way to get to know a country is to interact with the people, beyond the typical tourist spots. While in New Zealand the team @pickapicker helped me to find jobs in several regions, not only orchard work but farm work! which I most say enjoyed the best!. Keep it up guys! Raul

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